Practical Numbers

It all comes down to the numbers!

So many decisions we make are based on - or should be based on - numbers.
Crunching the numbers is simple once you know the formula or the conversion factor.
Invariably, we find ourselves searching the web for answers to:
  • How do I convert from European to US shoe size
  • What is the conversion for volume from Imperical to Metric
  • What are the monthly payments on this loan
  • Can I afford this house

But sometimes we come across more complex situations, like:

  • Should I refinance my ARM loan to a fixed-rate
  • Would I save any money if I lease this car
  • What size wire do I need for a low-voltage light
  • How much will I save if I replace my appliance with an energy-efficient model

Our company has a mix of Engineers, CPAs, MBAs and Programmers. Between us all, we have developed a few tools that have been helpful in answering such questions.
This FREE web site is a compilation of these tools.

This website is a work-in-progress.
We will be adding new tools, converters, and wizards. If you have a suggestion for a new calculation, let us know.

If you have a problem to solve, describe it and we can quote you a price.

Latest tools: