Practical Numbers

Financial Tools

  • Monthly loan payment calculator
    Find the monthly payment and total interest for a compound loan like a mortgage or car loan.
  • Should I refinance, Calculate the break-even point between keeping your current adjusting rate and refinancing to a fixed rate loan.

Electrical Calculators

  • Replacing old appliances
    Is it worth it to replace an older electrical appliance with a new energy efficient model?
  • Paige Electric
    We built these tools for our customer:
    • Wire Sizing
      A simple calculator for sizing wire (line-voltage: 120/240/480) for applications like pump installation, agriculture and golf courses using single-phase or 3-phase in Copper or Aluminum.
    • Conduit Size Calculator
      You can add up all the cables you need, and the tool will size the conduit to fit them.   


Latest tools: